Lit with Joy

Watching People Will Talk with Cary Grant. It was slower paced than modern movies today, so I was able to see more clearly why they took shots and what effect they got. Was again struck with how like performing is to writing. Actors use pace, pause and emphasis the way I choose words.

Remember watching Tom Kneebone performing Noel Coward years ago. We were in the front row, oddly enough with a baby blue jay we had rescued and which needed constant feeding. It joined in with gusto, squawking loudly a couple of times in emphasis. We were close enough that I could really observe Tom and what he did with emphasis was uncannily like my working with words.

At the end of the movie, Cary Grant was conducting Gaudeamus Igitur. He was alight with joy. I hope he was drawing on his own experience as he didn’t have a very happy life overall. It made me think again that “no man is an island.” And that joy is not only contagious, but the very fact that one person is able to feel it so completely raises the overall temperature, so to speak, for us all. Must be why we get such pleasure out of watching children.

But it has to be genuine, innocent joy, like the wonder of a child discovering rock pools, not the quickly satisfied greed of “I want.” It has to come from our Essence not our ego.

Have just been reading Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina Lake. She gives the clearest explanation of the difference between the flow of spiritual serenity and the scratchy, driven, self-centered ego drive I have read. She clarified the conflict I had for years between what I felt was “being” and “doing.” I could be in either one state or the other, crossing activities off a to do list, feeling blinkered against deeper life. Or walking on a beach, looking at a sunset. They were two different modes and seemed impossible to merge.

She confirmed what I had noticed in my own experience: that when you allow life to happen and listen to your intuition things work out much better than when you bludgeon life with a stick! (More info on Gina Lake including books and newsletter.)

When our kids were young, I worked as a writer and speaker during their school year, which meant I systematically would call people to see if they wanted workshops etc. It never worked half as well as when, during the summer – in “off-mode” I would suddenly get a feeling to call someone and those calls always brought work.

I think the same thing was working during 9/11. I never thought God would warn or save special people, but do believe that those who were tuned into their intuition may have picked up something caused them to change their usual routine. I read of research, can’t remember where, that found that on days when trains crashed, the ridership was much lower than normal, indicating that somehow, a proportion of regular passengers had followed their gut, even if they had not done so consciously.

About UntraveledRoads

Fascinated by life, looking for answers to chronic pain and finding unexpected gifts. Interested in people, ideas, healing and humour. I am very happily married with three children and a kitten. As English born immigrants to Canada, we have family spread overseas, a daughter in South Africa and one in England. We also run a charity in South Africa to educate black, rural South African Women. Our first girl from a rural township has just graduated as an accountant from Johannesburg University and got a good job in a bank.
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