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Low Level Laser Therapy

I found Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) at a time of despair with my back, which probably pushed me to make the effort to locate try it. I first read about it in Dr. Gifford-Jones’ health column. He reported he … Continue reading


Letter to Michael

Today, Michael called. A mutual friend had told him I have chronic pain and might be able to help. After we chatted, I put together an email summarizing all we had talked about – and then thought it might also … Continue reading

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About Me

When reading blogs I find it helps be given some background and so not feel I am coming into a story halfway through. So here’s a bit about me. I am a mother of three, grandmother of six on three … Continue reading

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Traveling Hopefully

On Wednesday, another osteopathy session. Had high hopes as when I had manual therapy last Fall, I had dramatic digestive improvements. Rhea, my therapist, explained that extensive scar tissue and adhesions from earlier surgeries prevented my muscles from working properly, … Continue reading

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The Journal – 2011

This journal is for people with pain, and also anyone who is facing a life challenge. I do write about God, but not in the sense of formal religion. Rather more as spiritual help – and to make sense of … Continue reading


How do I Cope? Let me Count the Ways

A friend asked me for steps for coping with pain – a one, two, three. Which I said was impossible as the whole process is organic, not catalogued. But have had a bad time lately and been very discouraged today, … Continue reading

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The Journal – 2012 to Present

Thursday 12 January 2012 The joy of my kindle! Browsing the free books, I came across Practicing the Presence by Brother Lawrence. How extraordinary that the words of this simple, gentle monk who worked in his monastery’s kitchens 400 years … Continue reading


Puddled with Pain

Thursday, 15 March 2011 Back very painful, ironically, worse than the pain it is meant to prevent. Felt my chest tight and breathing slow, and felt overwhelmed and unreal. Called the Clinic who say no more injections, but to come … Continue reading

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Pain Teeter-Totter

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 Still waiting for the biopsy results. I asked that they be faxed as the hospital was going to mail them! Still, that doesn’t mean they did it. Funny, a few weeks ago, we had a run … Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s Progress

  It is a year since I saw a surgeon for pain relief. I was hoping that he would do an anesthetic injection into my sacral area as that is always where the pain persists. Instead, he said there was … Continue reading

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