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How to Make Marijuana Suppositories

Amy’s suggestion for making suppositories was to find a caplet the size of the suppository you want to make which is packaged in a bubble pack. Remove the caplet and use the tray as a mould. Mix the cannabis oil … Continue reading

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Quitting to Live

Today's ashes are tomorrow's soil. Craig D. Lounsbrough   It was a big and final decision – to stop medical marijuana. It had been the new hope and, miraculously, initially turned the pain off like a tap. I stood and … Continue reading

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How I tried Medical Marijuana

A couple of months ago, a neighbour told me her 86 year-old mother who suffered chronic back pain was now on medical marijuana. Intrigued, I asked, “Is it helping?” “Well, it may not do anything about the pain, but I … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana in Canada

I don’t know if there are other routes, but this should be available countrywide. Medical marijuana has switched my chronic pain off, so here are the steps for getting it prescribed: Get an application form from Marijuana For Trauma, which … Continue reading

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How do I Cope? Let me Count the Ways

A friend asked me for steps for coping with pain – a one, two, three. Which I said was impossible as the whole process is organic, not catalogued. But have had a bad time lately and been very discouraged today, … Continue reading

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The Journal – 2012 to Present

Thursday 12 January 2012 The joy of my kindle! Browsing the free books, I came across Practicing the Presence by Brother Lawrence. How extraordinary that the words of this simple, gentle monk who worked in his monastery’s kitchens 400 years … Continue reading


Pain Clinic – a Pain in Itself

Finally, my appointment at the pain clinic came up – after 15 months on the waiting list! Had found message on answering machine last Thursday saying to call the clinic. Tried on Friday and Monday. Finally got a human who … Continue reading

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