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Pain Full

Deja vu! It's been a grey day. I have been reading more about myeloma, not pulling the punches. It is written by a doctor, so there's a degree of detatchment. “The patient”, compliant – good. Smarty pants – very bad … Continue reading

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Living from Above

“It's easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.” Arnold Bennett   Blessings sometimes come upside down. Who would have thought that when I learned to live above and beyond pain, it would … Continue reading

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Spring from the Heart

The one gift of life is choice – or in terms of Genesis – free will. When this thought idled round in my head, my first response was, am I blaming the victim? Am I to blame for my lymphoma … Continue reading

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Walking Tall

Could see right from the start that attitude is a major part of how I go forward. Research shows that “difficult” patients survive longer than “compliant” ones. Even to the extent that UK's poor cancer survival figures are in part … Continue reading

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Quitting to Live

Today's ashes are tomorrow's soil. Craig D. Lounsbrough   It was a big and final decision – to stop medical marijuana. It had been the new hope and, miraculously, initially turned the pain off like a tap. I stood and … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning

An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: A meaningful friend – or a meaningful day. The Dalai Lama     How to live a meaningful life although in constant pain – … Continue reading

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A Space to Be

“Suppose I don't get better? Suppose they tell me this is it?” We were talking about my friend's sudden, out-of-the-blue neurological attack, which took her overnight from an active, hiking grandmother to shuffling with a walker. And unremitting pain. She … Continue reading

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