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Letter to Michael

Today, Michael called. A mutual friend had told him I have chronic pain and might be able to help. After we chatted, I put together an email summarizing all we had talked about – and then thought it might also … Continue reading

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Blind’s Eye

“One in fifty,” the article said, “have no mind’s eye.” I looked at it in disbelief: I have no mind’s eye. Though I had never put it into words, I recognized the truth instantly. The condition is called Aphantasia. Research … Continue reading

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Pain Tracking – an encyclopedic guide

Reading Paintracking: Your Personal Guide to Living Well with Pain by Deborah Barrett. A very human, compassionate and comprehensive book by a lay sufferer who has tried and researched many avenues – and then had the book read by medical … Continue reading

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Coup de Grace – Finding a Pill Cutter that Works

Have continued with Tramadol and am finding that I need a far lower dose than is customary. I was originally prescribed 56 caplets for 2 weeks which is 4 a day or 150 mg a day and I see that … Continue reading

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Tramadol Tricks and Traps

Last week hit a wall of pain and coping. My back bad, but everything was intensified by my husband's birthday. Friends were throwing a birthday lunch for him. A lovely idea, but my heart sank. How could I sit through … Continue reading

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