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Also Blessed to Receive

One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession. Sophocles   Two of my closest friends are struggling with cancer. So when I saw Radical Remissions, I picked it up. Kelly … Continue reading

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Save a Kitten Today

There it is on Facebook, a minute, quivering bundle of terror. Cars and trucks roar past, the kitten rolls, a flash of white from its tummy. A truck drives astride it, the kitten claws at the air, trying to escape. … Continue reading

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Small Gratitudes

What do you do when your life is on an even keel – very even? So even that every day is the same, not a bad same, but unchanging? That's what it is like living with a crock back – … Continue reading

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Saying Yes to Life

  How do we find meaning, create a winning story out of the many slaps life hands us? First, the scientists are right: tragedy is random, not personal. I was raised to believe that God’s hand was in everything. But … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

Today I caught Anna Craig’s interview on CBC. Just cutting carrots, idly listening. Then, there she was raw, honest, telling us what it is like to be dying at 37 leaving two very young children. No self-pity, telling it as … Continue reading

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Saying it Forward

I posted how a single remark turned me round when my health was at its lowest. How it affirmed my worth when I really needed it. Which got me thinking of the power of words – verbally paying it forward. … Continue reading

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I was Blind and Now I See

I had my eyes lasered yesterday. Not to cure long or short sight but something called a laser capsulotomy. About six years ago I had cataracts surgery, which was awesome. I bounced out almost blinded by the pristine brightness through … Continue reading

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