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Weary and Heavy Laden

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.” ― Maya Angelou, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now   Sometimes you just have to rest on the bottom. Not beat yourself up … Continue reading

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Just skimmed the news: Galactic crash! Watch in horror and Bill, a navy pilot, translates. Two levels of reaction: first for the actual accident, the dead pilot’s family and the injured co-pilot. The human cost. Then wider to man’s risk-taking, … Continue reading

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Heart Felt

I am living as never before. Courage as never before. God carry my tears. I am living on a different level and God is there like a rod and a cradle. A calm of the ages is with me. A … Continue reading

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Upside Down, Inside Out

It's sudden, frightening to find yourself in Emergency. Like the flip of a coin, your life is upside down. Last Friday it was us. Bill woke in the night unable to get air into his lungs. Like drowning, but on … Continue reading

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Before a Fall

Is life essentially ironical? Or just tiresomely sarcastic? Today I went for massage therapy from an extremely energetic young man, who discovered that although my hips are level, one buttock is higher than the other. So he kindly gave me … Continue reading

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Master Builder

Absolute chaos! We are halfway through renovating the master bathroom. We have a disconnected bath, no vanity or toilet, just subfloor, part mudded walls and a ragged hole in the outside wall. Add to the mix an energetic kitten whose … Continue reading

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Imperfect Hate

Just reading Elizabeth Buchan’s Perfect Love – in the bath, just before Thea fell in! She observed that “our characters are shaped as much by those we hate as those we profess to love.” Interesting – perhaps hatred warps us … Continue reading

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