How to Make Marijuana Suppositories

Amy’s suggestion for making suppositories was to find a caplet the size of the suppository you want to make which is packaged in a bubble pack. Remove the caplet and use the tray as a mould. Mix the cannabis oil with coconut oil and freeze.

I found it easier to use a baby bottle nipple or pacifier. The snag with the nipple is that the oil can drip through the hole, so you have to pack the tip with coconut oil to seal it off. Or you can seal it from the outside with. You can also use baby pacifiers, which don’t have holes in the teats. Stand the nipples/pacifiers in a small spice jar to keep them upright for filling. Store in the freezer. To use, just run hot water on the outside, so the suppository loosens and can be easily taken out of the mould.

I finally went with Aromaceuticals – Their moulds cost $3.80. Their site is difficult tonavigate and I can’t give you a direct link. Go to Products, supplies, personal care. Them click on Supplies from the left-hand column.

To make, just stir up the correct dose with coconut oil to a thick paste and fill the mould. Alternatives to coconut oil: palm kernel oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter, but the ideal base for rectal suppositories is cocoa butter.

Insert frozen at least one inch in past the sphincter muscle. Lie down for 15 mins after.

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