Low Level Laser Therapy

I found Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) at a time of despair with my back, which probably pushed me to make the effort to locate try it. I first read about it in Dr. Gifford-Jones’ health column.

He reported he had had severe arthritic back pain which nothing had helped until he had low level laser therapy. I asked around and found a chiropractor within walking distance who did it.

I have to say that finding someone who practices LLLT was difficult. Web searches and the Yellow Pages were not very forthcoming, but it seems that chiropractors are the best bet. It is used for sports injuries so a sports injury clinic may be also a good place to look. The equipment is expensive which is why many chiropractors have not installed it.

Having asked further, I gather that LLLT is used extensively in athletes. My chiropractor heard about it at a seminar he went to given by Lance Armstrong’s doctor. Apparently, it was used on Lance very successfully. (More info) I also understand vets use it with animals a lot.

I had only 4 treatments, not the recommended 6, as I then broke my ankle. Initially, my pain was so much less that I was sitting at the computer again, not thinking about pain every time I moved and taking no painkillers.

My physiotherapist independently verified the improvement in my back in that my sacrum, which would freeze and lock at the slightest movement, is now free and moving normally. I can for the first time in 6 years do my back exercises.

However, I then flew to England, drove on winding English roads with traffic circles. I also had to sit longer socially (although I had a zero-gravity garden chair that I took with me everywhere) and had less control of my environment – that is what and for how long I did things. At this point my back failed again and I kept going with a local chiropractor who gave me more LLLT.

I also had it on my ankle. It may be coincidental, but I had X-rays on November 15 which showed a compound break of the fibula and I was told I would have to go to the UK on crutches in a cast. I then had several LLLT sessions and my X-rays on November 30 showed it healed, the cast came off and I traveled in a walking walking in an ankle brace.

Further information:

General info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_level_laser_therapy

Article on LLLT and chronic neck pain, referring to a report in The Lancet: //www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/170796.php

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