Magnesium for Muscles

My massage therapist last week recommended getting magnesium into me however I can. My stomach won’t tolerate minerals after my h.pylori bout which was undiagnosed for 10 months, but he told me that magnesium is very slowly absorbed so taking it orally is very inefficient. According to Dr. Mark London, magnesium oxide and citrate, the most common forms used in supplements are particularly poorly assimilated which is why they have such a strong laxative effect. He suggests taking a slow release, enteric coated version, Pro-Mag. (His full report, which also gives supporting nutrients for magnesium.)

However, it can also be absorbed through the skin and he suggested Epsom Salts (3 cups) in my bath. I checked this with a University of Birmingham study which showed that magnesium is absorbed from Epsom salts IF the blood level is low, but not if it is OK.

He also suggested magnesium oil, which because it remains on the skin will be absorbed over a longer period.

Are there risks of getting too much? It seems not, provided you don’t have problems with kidney function, atrial fibrillation or myasthenia gravis. (More info) Although ovbiously one shouldn’t overdo any supplementation.

Magnesium for pain makes sense. It was Dr. Hans Krause, physician to President Kennedy and founder of the first multidisciplinary pain clinic in the world at Columbia University School of Medicine, who first observed that almost all the chronic pain patients failed a muscle evaluation test and responded to specific exercises. (More info)

Additional info:

Magnesium for fibromyalgia – a comprehensive paper – link

More information on magnesium supplementation – link

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