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Pain(t) me Wrong

Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ― Oprah Winfrey “It makes me so mad when they blame my pain on my past,” said Sally, manning the advice desk at our local pain clinic . “Why add that to my daily burden?” … Continue reading

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Every Little Helps

So many of my posts are about the psychological side of coping with pain, so I thought this time I would look at what physical aids have helped me most. Body pillow: it used to be that pain didn't bother … Continue reading

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A Gift to the Soul

Aching, worse and worse all summer. Now very stiff and painful on waking. But worst, the constant bruised ache across my pelvis. This on top of my regular burning sacrum. Looked it up on google: not encouraging. All the symptoms … Continue reading

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Pain Update

As this started as a blog on wending my way through pain, I should update on what has happened and where I am now. It is encouraging that although I have daily pain, I am way ahead of where I … Continue reading

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