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Painting Pain Pleasant

Suppose pain is pleasant? Sounds crazy! Worse, it sounds the sort of thing heartless people say while you squirm. My GP apologized for her lack of help with my back pain (after an MRI showed a slipped vertabra trapping my … Continue reading

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Quitting to Live

Today's ashes are tomorrow's soil. Craig D. Lounsbrough   It was a big and final decision – to stop medical marijuana. It had been the new hope and, miraculously, initially turned the pain off like a tap. I stood and … Continue reading

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Lighten my Darkness

“Darkness is a great opportunity to discover the divine face of the light!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan So much of coping with chronic pain is attitude: how I describe it to myself. What is missing from the self-help books is … Continue reading

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Small Gratitudes

What do you do when your life is on an even keel – very even? So even that every day is the same, not a bad same, but unchanging? That's what it is like living with a crock back – … Continue reading

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Healing the Brain’s Pain – Using the Power of Neuroplasticity to Rewire my Brain

I knew the brain can change itself. It used to be thought, according to accepted opinion, that after about age 20 our brain cells gradually died off. No chance of late flowering genius! When neuroplasticity was discovered, with enormous benefit … Continue reading

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Paradox of Pain

  Humor and paradox are sometimes the only way to react to life’s sorrow with grace. (Matthew Fox) It’s been a long journey through pain. From throbbing despair to equilibrium (sort of). Looking back, I see my posts are now … Continue reading

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Golden Days

Golden wedding – golden week spun out of the clatter and haste of everyday life. Wonderful week with children and grandchildren in the Isle of Wight. Golden light and never a cross word with two seniors, three middle aged adults … Continue reading

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