Why I am writing this

This journal is my attempt to make sense of living with pain. I have watched doors shutting all over my life: I cannot sit long at the computer, easily go to coffee with a friend, go to movies or the theatre. I can no longer garden, drive far, go through checkouts or go to the gym. I can, however, walk well and climb stairs easily and am grateful for that vigor and fluidity.

This entries are the story of my efforts to make a narrative of my life to myself each day that isn’t pathetic! To find deeper meaning and reward through those things I CAN do. To make sure that my life counts and that I still contribute.

It is a journey to the roots of my soul. Through days of despair into sunlight and deep content. It is an account of wonder, awe and, above all, love. I do write about God, but not in the sense of a formal religion, rather as a spiritual truth that underpins our lives.

I am writing, because I am a writer and need to connect through words, always with thought of those others who have walked this road – one we never expected to be on. If it resonates with you and if, as a result, you feel less isolated in your pain, then I am glad.

I really value your comments and particularly where something resonates with your experience.

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