Zero-gravity Chairs

Please note: I have no connection with Vitality who make Perfect Chairs. This is purely my personal endorsement from owning two of their chairs.

When sitting became increasingly painful, I was at my wit’s end how to cope. I couldn’t sit, especially on soft sofas or chairs, which meant we had almost no social life. At home, I lay down much of the time – and that hurt too!

Then I found an inexpensive zero-gravity garden chair, which revolutionized my life. The chairs are based on NASA research for astronauts in space. Apparently, the angled position takes pressure off the spine, promotes circulation and relaxes muscles. Certainly, I find it really takes the weight of my spine and relieves my pain.

What’s more, it means I can socialize in a group. We have a pontoon boat and we keep a chair on board. I find sitting on a boat really hard as the micro-movements balancing the waves upset my sacrum.

We took one with us to BC to see the grandchildren, which meant I could sit in the garden and watch them play. We could go to the park and flip out the chair. It went with us to San Francisco and we flipped it out to watch the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge. I bought one over the Internet which was waiting for us on arrival in England and went everywhere with us.

I then wanted something civilized looking for indoors and researched the web. We settled on a Vitality Perfect Chair as, given the angularity of design, it fitted with our furniture best and it had very good reviews.

Other points:

The motorized action is essential, otherwise it would be a heavy back heave to put it up or down. I find I am in and out of the chair a lot, and also adjust it frequently while sitting as that eases my spine. On the down side, we have had a power out, leaving me stranded aloft and scrabbling out of the chair.

The chair is quite large, so we wanted the small version, which was not available in Canada. We ordered from the US.

We bought a reconditioned chair from Vitality Web in San Diego. In fact, we bought two at different times. They have functioned flawlessly and were easy to assemble.

It is well worth paying the extra for the memory foam padding. Our first one had the standard pad and it was a bit bony and I was always adding cushions for the small of my back. With the memory foam, I didn’t need any additional lumbar support and it felt luxurious.

If you live north of the border in Canada and want to buy from the US (which starts off cheaper than the Canadian price and gives you the reconditioned option), then get a prescription from your GP so that you don’t have to pay HST. If you live near the border, then get a US mailing address from Kinek. They have locations along the border where you can have your parcel sent.

Using Kinek meant we didn’t have to pay internationl shipping rates. Because we collected it, we didn’t have to pay customs brokerage. Because I had a prescription, we were not charged HST at the border. Kinek charged us $27 for handling it. Normally they charge $5, but the chair was oversize.

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